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Hours of Service (HOS) - Driving Limits for Property-Carrying Vehicles

This concise video course that covers essential government regulations for property-carrying vehicle drivers. The course reviews key driving limits, such as the 14-hour driving window, 11-hour driving limit, 30-minute break requirement, and the 60 or 70-hour rule, ensuring drivers are well-rested, alert, and compliant with the law to avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

This course addresses the following FMCSA violations:
  • 395.3A2-PROP - Driving beyond 14 hour duty period (Property carrying vehicle)
  • 395.3A2-PROPN - Driving beyond 14 hour duty period (Property carrying vehicle) - Nominal Violation
  • 395.3A3-PROP 8 "Driving beyond 11 hour driving limit. (Property Carrying Vehicle)
  • 395.3A3-PROPN 3 Driving beyond 11 hour driving limit in a 14 hour period. (Property carrying vehicle) - Nominal Violation
  • 395.3A3II 3 Driving beyond 8 hour driving limit since the end of the last on duty, off duty, or sleeper period of at least 30 minutes
  • Duration:  5 minutes 
  • Video Time:  3 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Русский, Uzbek