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Oil or Grease Leaks

In this video course, learn the importance of keeping your commercial vehicle free from oil and grease leaks. Understand the risks of leaks such as damaged vehicle components, reduced fuel efficiency, decreased braking performance, increased fire risk, and higher emissions. Discover how to properly maintain seals and gaskets, and identify signs of leaks in order to avoid out-of-service violations and ensure your vehicle operates safely and efficiently.

This course addresses the following FMCSA violations:
  • 396.5B - Oil and/or grease leak
  • 396.5B-HLOW - Hubs - oil and/or Grease Leaking from hub - outer wheel
  • 396.5B-HWSLIW - Hubs - Wheel seal leaking - inner
  • Duration:  3 minutes 
  • Video Time:  1.5 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Русский, Uzbek