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Discover the importance of tire maintenance for commercial drivers with this comprehensive video course. Learn how to prevent common tire-related violations and ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. Covering topics such as proper tire inflation, avoiding dangerous blowouts, and maintaining adequate tread depth, this course will teach you how to effectively inspect and maintain your vehicle's tires. Stay safe and avoid costly citations by mastering the essential skills of tire care for commercial motor vehicles.

This course addresses the following FMCSA violations:
  • 393.75A - Flat tire or fabric exposed
  • 393.75A1 - Tire-ply or belt material exposed
  • 393.75A2 - Tire-tread and/or sidewall separation
  • 393.75A3 - Tire-flat and/or audible air leak
  • 393.75C - Tire-other tread depth less than 2/32
    of inch measured in a major tread groove
  • 393.75C-OOS - Tire-other tread depth less than 1/32 of inch measured in 2 adjacent major tread grooves 3 separate locations 8 inches apart
  • Duration:  3.5 minutes 
  • Video Time:  2 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Русский, Uzbek